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The Temptations. 

One of the best ways to balance out the hectic nature of touring in a band is taking as much nature in as possible, whether it’s local parks, outdoor activities or scenic stops on the highways. I cris-crossed almost the entire country over the last month and as always I find the driving from Arizona to Oregon to be my favorite, especially once you start getting into Northern California. The images here are from a few breathtaking rest areas and scenic overlooks in this region. “Post in partnership with REI. All opinions shared here are my own” #letscamp

El Wizard Adrian Quesada's Multiplicity

The Austin Chronicle’s recent profile piece on me

I travel quite a bit between touring and family road trips and I feel like the music that suits the open road best is often sparse, hazy and mellow. I love when time slows down from a good song and a long drive. Check out this road trip playlist I put together for 's  campaign: “Post in partnership with REI. All opinions shared here are my own”

I think of camping and acoustic guitars going together like wine and cheese, so for this playlist I picked music that I dig that ins’t necessarily “folky” or “campfirey” but sounds equally pleasing from an Ipod player or stripped down to an acoustic guitar. I tried to avoid super obvious songs and maybe turn on some folks to a few new things but of course it’s hard to avoid stuff like The Beatles, Townes Van Zandt and Bill Withers. Check out this playlist of camping jams I put together for 's campaign: “Post in partnership with REI. All opinions shared here are my own”

BROWN SABBATH OUT NOW! Get it on Itunes or better yet, your favorite local record store!

Erryday I’m hustin…portable tour recording setup…new album with Shawn Lee in progress daily from hotel to hotel! Expect it this fall. 
Brownout Sabbath 10” vinyl looks tough as hell. Get it now via Ubiquity Records!

i like bloody marys

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Exclusive Song Premiere: Brownout's Brown Sabbath Brings A Funky Take On "Iron Man" | Texas Monthly

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